Advice & Training

Real Estate Advice

We help you get reliable and legal information so that you know, finally, if you are in your right ... or not!


JOELKA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offers training with innovative and high-level content.

We support and promote change so that everyone gives meaning, finds their balance and develops harmony in their personal and professional life.

Our goal: Research, development and improvement of professional and personal potential.

A ethics and a humanity in formation

educational monitoring

A breadcrumb trail : consistency in the choice of themes that we want to teach, ie so-called behavioral training.

Our training

(face-to-face and videoconference)

  • Professional Coaching Training
  • Leadership training
  • Management training
  • Digital training
  • Personal development training

* Workshops, practical cases and scenarios punctuate our training courses by placing people at the center of our educational approach

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